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Bristol schools to visit SCAD in India

Convergence is at the heart of TCW, and nowhere can it be more important than between our children. So perhaps not surprisingly, discussions held in Bristol in September 2009 with Dr Cletus Babu, Chairman of Social Change and Development (SCAD), TCW’s partner in Tamil Nadu, India, led to the idea of inviting some of our Bristol school children to spend time with SCAD in Tamil Nadu, in the first instance, with reciprocal initiatives to follow. Read more “Bristol schools to visit SCAD in India”


TCW to launch UK engagement programme

The Converging World exists to address imbalances in the world – one of which is the use of world resources and, associated with this, the emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels. While TCW has worked primarily overseas, it now seeks to engage with UK and other developed world communities to reduce carbon at home while simultaneously addressing fuel poverty and building local resilience. Read more “TCW to launch UK engagement programme”