Empowering Young People to Think Global Act Local

Tue, 13/10/2015

TCW (The Converging World) Global Citizens Twinning Programme aims to encourage a journey of self-development and discovery for young people through environmental awareness. The course provides experience-based learning to equip young people with skills, knowledge and inspiration to act as change makers in their own communities and to live as active Global Citizens. For the last four years TCW has facilitated groups in Bristol and Mumbai to participate in a collaborative programme of work that connects young people in two communities to explore themes of global citizenship.

Between January to July 2015, two groups of young people from Ramakrishna Sarada Samiti Centre in Mumbai participated in the programme. From Bristol the Merchants’ Academy Secondary School and South Bristol Youth both took part. Developing friendships between young people in different countries builds international understanding and can motivate them to act for justice, peace and sustainable development. Each year the programme has a different environmental theme which the groups explore together. This year all activities related to the theme of the natural environment.

Over six months young people in Bristol and Mumbai learned about the importance of the natural environment, in their own location as well as globally, tasted different foods and interacted with each other using online conferencing. Team work, collaboration and new friendships contributed to the overall goal of inspiring global citizenship.

“There has been a marked improvement in the young people’s attitudes and behaviour. Mainly through how they communicate with each other and an understanding of how their actions impact on others. They are able to articulate what it means to be a good citizen and why people should not waste resources.”- Jackie Eddy, South Bristol Youth

With thanks to our funders BeyondMe, the young people who took part in the programme have increased their awareness and developed opinions on environmental issues across the planet. The interactive projects helped to demonstrate key themes in an exciting and engaging way.

BeyondMe logo“As a BeyondMe team from PwC, we recognise the importance of global citizenship. Committed to raising global awareness, our BeyondMe team are proud to support this programme which enables young people to act thoughtfully on environmental and social issues. This style of learning helps to encourage conversation and local action that can be shared with their families and the wider community.”
                           – BeyondMe team spokesperson from PwC

Thank you to our partners who provided learning experiences for our 2015 programme. Including, Bristol Zoo, University of Bristol Botanic Gardens, Knowle West Media Centre, Sarah Edwards and Saikat Ahamed.

The Global Citizen Twinning Programme responds to the idea that aspirations and local action need to be addressed from within the community. Young people can provide the energy to create change if they are stimulated, guided and encouraged at a young age. If you are interested in partnering with us to develop the programme further then please contact info@theconvergingworld.org.

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