News Archive: 2016

Following a presentation from Wendy (our CEO) to people in the Chew Valley (just outside Bristol) about the importance of reforestation, especially in the tropic, a small group of individuals have come together to form the Chew Valley Forest Twinning (CVFT) project. CVFT aims to engage more people in the Chew Valley to plant trees locally and for every one tree planted in the Chew Valley another will be planted in Tamil Nadu, India. CVFT has since been engaging with different organisations and the local youth including the Blagdon Beavers. In October the Beavers spent the day in Westonbirt Arboretum collecting tree seeds, that they will later plant in pots and germinate, and eventually take home to plant in their gardens. “So often in life we feel powerless in the face of big things like climate change. Today has been a perfect opportunity to combine youthful enthusiasm with learning. In ten years’ time they’ll be able to climb the trees grown from the seeds they’ve collected. Looking at the faces of the children I can see their empowerment - they really can effect a change!”- Oz Osbourne from CVFT If you are part of a group that wants to become more involved in forest twinning, please Contact If you would like to donate please visit:
A gift that won't cost the earth and living legacy for your loved. By gifting a tree you are investing in every ones future. Including; a livelihood for the local Indian woman who will sell it to us, then plant it and maintain it for a year; the wildlife that need trees to flourish; all the locals that need its shade, medicines and fruits; and all of us that need more trees to absorb more CO2 from the atmosphere. Give a gift that will keep on giving for a 100 years or more. Click through to give a gift of a tree, or a grove or even your first forest!