Turning Passion Against Climate Change to Pedal Power

Fri, 06/11/2015

At the end of November, our CEO Wendy Stephenson will be cycling from Bristol to Paris. She will be joining a group of Bristolians, Le COP Crusaders, who are determined to make their voices heard in Paris for COP21. As European Green Capital hosts, this group of riders want to demand action against climate change and take the city’s manifesto with them (transporting it carbon free of course!). The group of riders will set off from Bristol on 26th November and arrive on the 29th to join thousands in Paris for the global climate change march.

Wendy signed up for the cycle ride with passion and determination to do something meaningful at such a critical time for COP21. As well as delivering the people’s manifesto of change, Wendy will be collecting real stories about the positive action people are taking to restore our planet. She hopes that sharing these stories will inspire hope and mobilise more action.

Wendy does have a bike but it hasn’t been used for 6 months as she’s recently chosen to walk rather than cycle to work. Now she’s understanding the full extent of the physical task of riding 240 miles over four days with very little time to train!

“I’m terrified and wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew! But excited to part of a community that want to demonstrate positive action to reverse climate change.”

TCW is working to reduce the impacts of climate change and absorb carbon through reforestation

Will you spur Wendy on and sponsor her to pedal to Paris? All funds raised will go towards reforestation.

To sponsor Wendy on her cycle ride: http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/wendyridetoparis

Darren Hall from Love The Future will be cycling with Wendy. You can make a personal pledge to act on climate change on Darren's pledge action webpage

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Click here for more information about COP21.