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Empowering Young People to Think Global Act Local

Tue, 13/10/2015

TCW (The Converging World) Global Citizens Twinning Programme aims to encourage a journey of self-development and discovery for young people through environmental awareness. The course provides experience-based learning to equip young people with skills, knowledge and inspiration to act as change makers in their own communities and to live as active Global Citizens. For the last four years TCW has facilitated groups in Bristol and Mumbai to participate in a collaborative programme of work that connects young people in two communities to explore themes of global citizenship.

Growing support for our projects at the UK’s big green festival

Mon, 20/07/2015

Green thinking festival goers learned about The Converging World’s environmental projects from CEO Wendy Stephenson at the 2015 Seed Festival at Hawkwood, Stroud.

We set out to educate and inspire people about our work by hearing directly from Wendy Stephenson CEO.

Find Out How We Are All Connected

Wed, 15/07/2015

It’s festival time! We are excited to be one of the sponsors of the 2015 Seed Festival in Hawkwood, Stroud, 17th to 19th July 2015. It’s a festival of green inspiration, artistic interpretation and planting big ideas.

Thank you! We did it again!

Mon, 09/02/2015

Thank you to everyone who helped us exceed our tipping point of £50k to enable us to continue the work we have been doing. Once the Trillion Fund team have processed all your information we will be in touch with you to provide you with more details and of course you will be part of our regular updates too. It's true, the world needs more renewable energy but perhaps even more significant is that we believe in using the profits from selling green energy, for work that can deliver even more impact, such as restoring rainforests.

Eco-Restoration: A critical and urgent need

Thu, 04/09/2014

For more than 100 years, biospheres, ecosystems and habitats around the world have been gradually destroyed with devastating consequences.  Local people who depend upon the flora and fauna have been left marginalised, species are disappearing, there is poor water retention and local and global climatic conditions are changing for the worse because of the destruction of large areas of forests.

Adam and Chloe's Indian Energy Research Mission

Wed, 21/08/2013

Two of TCW’s interns working on the Access to Affordable Energy Programme, Adam and Chloe, both of the University of Bristol, have raised funds to travel to India on a fact-finding mission. Their purpose is to better understand the energy needs of the communities that TCW is hoping to support, the potential for renewable energy solutions and the impact of working with these communities in the context of local development.

Discount Banner Printing support

Thu, 18/07/2013

Discount Banner Printing have very kindly offered to print the recipe books created by the children on our Global Citizen Twinning Programme for free!

We would like to say a huge thank-you to them for their generous support. 

Ladies night raises a fabulous £700!

Thu, 27/06/2013

Last night's Ladies Night at Bordeaux Quay in Bristol raised a fabulous £700 for TCW and the event was a roaring success. 

46 tickets were sold and these lovely ladies enjoyed a range of beauty treatments and cocktails in wonderful female company.

Everyone left very happy, the lucky ones with a fab raffle prize in their new cardboard bags! 

TCW's CEO Wendy Stephenson had hoped to be at the event but had to fly out to India at short notice. The following is an address she had planned to make that we thought we would share here...


The Converging World: enabling a shift to sustainability

Thu, 27/06/2013

Take a look at Blue & Green's article, interviewing TCW CEO Wendy Stephenson about TCW's mission and opportunities for investment.

TCW has 3 winners in this years VWOD

Thu, 02/05/2013

We are very happy to announce that Vodaphone World of Difference has awarded 3 individuals funding to spend time working for TCW over the coming months to help develop projects and further our reach.

The World of Difference UK programme gives 500 people each year the chance to work for their dream charity, and get paid. Over the years they have helped hundreds of people donate their skills and experience to the charities of their choice.

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