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Bristol schools to visit SCAD in India

Mon, 26/04/2010

Convergence is at the heart of TCW, and nowhere can it be more important than between our children.So perhaps not surprisingly, discussions held in Bristol in September 2009 with Dr Cletus Babu, Chairman of Social Change and Development (SCAD), TCW’s partner in Tamil Nadu, India, led to the idea of inviting some of our Bristol school children to spend time with SCAD in Tamil Nadu, in the first instance, with reciprocal initiatives to follow.

UK Engagement Programme update

Wed, 07/04/2010

TCW's team of mentors and experts is working hard to prepare guidance and workshop materials to help communities write sustainable energy plans for their areas.These are action plans for reducing energy consumption in the area, keeping money in the local economy and saving carbon emissions. The process will also bring communities together based around shared goals.

The Guardian Supports The Converging World

Fri, 19/03/2010

The Converging World (TCW) was the official carbon reduction partner for the 2009 Guardian, Observer and Travel Awards.The awards are held each year to recognise the best in world-wide tourism as voted by the Guardian and Observer readers. The 2009 awards were held in Thailand and to acknowledge the carbon emissions associated with the event a donation was made to TCW.

TCW's work with SCAD in India

Mon, 15/02/2010

The work with our partner NGO, SCAD, in India is flourishing with increased interest from many quarters. In November Marks and Spencer accompanied two of our colleagues and spent a couple of days with our community there. We were also able to present SCAD with another £30,000 from the sales of electricity to the Indian National Grid. Because of the TCW partnership and the revenue that is donated to them from the turbines, SCAD want to roll out the programme to another 500 villages, doubling their current reach...

Featured Article: How Will a Hung Parliament Affect Environmental Policy?

Mon, 28/06/2010

Gus Hoyt of Power 2010 discusses future environmental policy under a coalition government.A Hung Parliament is the English way of describing a coalition government; a practice that is perfectly normal in most developed and fledgling democracies the world over. With the innate confrontational style of politics the notions of compromise and more centralist policy adoption seem alien and to be wary of.

Climate Countdown - Bristols contribution to the 350 international day of climate action

Wed, 28/10/2009

On Saturday 24th October TCW joined forces with Oxfam and Christian Aid to deliver a one day concert as part of an international day of climate action

TCW at ACTE conference in Prague

Thu, 14/01/2010

Representatives from TCW recently attended a conference of the Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) in Prague. British Airways have kindly supported TCW by way of a donation in recognition of the carbon footprint of this event. The travel sector contributes significantly to world CO2 emissions so is an ideal area in which TCW can engage people. Wendy Stephenson, CEO of TCW gave a well-received presentation to 450 delegates about the work of The Converging World, generating sizable interest and a host of enquiries.

TCW to launch UK engagement programme

Fri, 15/01/2010

The Converging World exists to address imbalances in the world – one of which is the use of world resources and, associated with this, the emissions of CO2 from burning fossil fuels. While TCW has worked primarily overseas, it now seeks to engage with UK and other developed world communities to reduce carbon at home while simultaneously addressing fuel poverty and building local resilience.

BITC, The Hub and BNHC join The Converging World on the 3rd Floor

Tue, 12/01/2010

With a new makeover and fab new tennants The 3rd Floor is fast becoming an inspiring space to be. The aim was to create a place where people could meet, share resources, learn and take action.

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