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60g of carbon film
Do you know how much carbon a one minute phone call is responsible for? And why carbon offsetting is one way to balance our emissions?
Dr George McGavin visits the forest partly supported by TCW
Find out more why reforestation is important through this film about the forest project we support in India.
Eco Restoration in India

To date The Converging World has funded the planting of 17,000 trees in Tamil Nadu, India.

Watch Joss Brooks describe the project during a lecture held at Bristol Zoo in October 2014. In this talk he will take us through his journey of restoring wildlife habitat in South India. This includes the story of creating the sanctuary of Auroville and Pitchandikulam, his work with the Irula tribal snake catchers (setting up a snake venom extraction cooperative) and his work with different materials in creating wildlife art.


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