What we do

The Converging World programmes fall into three broad categories that are interlinked and supported by generating funds from our renewable energy.

TCW triangeEcological Restoration

The world depends upon biodiversity to sustain us. Forests provide the oxygen we need to breathe, control our climate, provide medicines and sustain the livelihoods of millions of people. Over 80% of our forests have now been destroyed. We are working with partners to restore tropical dry evergreen forest to sustain biodiversity and help support livelihoods for people earning less than $2 a day through forest planting and management, and creating medicinal products for resale. 

Access to Affordable Sustainable Energy;

Poverty and access to affordable energy are inextricably linked. ‘Globally over 1.3 billion people are without access to electricity and 2.7 billion people are without clean cooking facilities. More than 350 million people in India are still without access to electricity. Providing sustainable and affordable options will help some of the most marginalised lift themselves out of poverty whilst preventing environmental damage from less sustainable energy sources.

Global Citizenship

We believe that at the heart of any environmental conservation or poverty alleviation programme must be a community which is enabled and empowered to help themselves in organising their own futures whilst recognising the impact of local decisions on the global community. ‘Think Global; Act Local’ is a core principal underpinning all our work.