Month: March 2011


World Water Day – The Impacts of Climate Change…

Today is World Water Day. Water is one of the world’s most valuable resources; an essential part of life. Without it, people couldn’t grow crops to feed their families or sustain themselves and their livestock. Too much water, from flooding or tsunamis (like the ones in Japan recently and in the Indian Ocean in 2004) can be devastating. Climate change isn’t just about the world getting a bit hotter. It’s the effect that this temperature rise has on the ecosystem and the people that rely on it for survival. Read more “World Water Day – The Impacts of Climate Change in Tamil Nadu”


Bristol’s Green Roots

In September last year, The Schumacher Institute was awarded a grant of £27,000 to document Bristol’s history of ‘sustainability’ in a project called Bristol’s Green Roots. The Institute is an independent research organisation which honours the work of E.F Schumacher and aims to extend his ideas into the 21st century. We use critical systems thinking to address contemporary issues around, environmental and social justice. Read more “Bristol’s Green Roots”