Month: April 2011


Can you ride like the wind?

Help us raise money at Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride At The Converging World, we’re proud to be based in Bristol – a city firmly on the cycling map. Our team, with its strong cycling contingent, has decided to take part in Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride 2011 to raise money for our next wind turbine – a turbine that will help fund our community work in India and the UK for the next 20 years. Read more “Can you ride like the wind?”


“How to cook good naked”

Cooking can kill. Indoor pollution from cooking on smoky stoves is the fourth biggest health risk in the developing world. Nearly half the people in the world use polluting, inefficient stoves to cook their food each day and 1.9 million people die worldwide each year from exposure to indoor smoke from their cooking stoves. Read more ““How to cook good naked””