Power to the People

The Power to the People programme seeks to empower you to come together with your community and be the change by developing and implementing a community sustainable energy plan. We have freely available tools to help you get started.

The time has come for power to, quite literally, return to the people!

Action Time!

1. Check out The TCW EnergyMap, an online tool that allows you to see your community’s energy consumption.

2. Organise with your community to develop a Sustainable Energy Plan. You can use the TCW template to help get you started.

3. Apply for funding and implement your plan.

4. Plant a Forest the Size of You to balance your emissions in the meantime.

5. Be the change! And enjoy a more affordable, more sustainable, community-owned power supply!

Action Time!


The TCW EnergyMap is an online tool that offers communities and local authorities a breakdown of their energy consumption and carbon emissions, along with a whole host of other data.

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Developing a sustainable energy plan presents a unique opportunity for us to come together in our communities or localities and make the transition to a more affordable, more secure and crucially, more sustainable power supply, whilst working to reduce our consumption.

See an example Sustainable Energy PlanHere's a template to help you get started


Sourcing funding can seem daunting at first, however, there are numerous options, many of which specifically fund community-led projects.

Between grants, crowdfunding and loans, it is possible to raise enough to get your project off the ground.

Find more information in the toolkit


Plant a Forest The Size of You!

Along side completely transforming our energy supply, economy and consumption habits to avoid further emissions, we need to work to absorb as much of the carbon we have already emitted as possible. Reforesting the tropics is a highly effective way of doing this and offers a multitude of other ecological and social benefits.

Let's get planting!


Be the change!

In these uncertain times, building community resilience is of the utmost importance. Shifting to a renewable power supply is one of the ways that we can begin to future-proof our lives and livelihoods.

There are already many communities in the UK reclaiming their power supply you can draw inspiration from.

You never know, there may even already be a group nearby you can join!

Get inspired! Have a look at existing community energy projects