Empowering Young People to Think Global Act Local

TCW (The Converging World) Global Citizens Twinning Programme aims to encourage a journey of self-development and discovery for young people through environmental awareness. The course provides experience-based learning to equip young people with skills, knowledge and inspiration to act as change makers in their own communities and to live as active Global Citizens. Read more “Empowering Young People to Think Global Act Local”


Eco-Restoration: A critical and urgent need

For more than 100 years, biospheres, ecosystems and habitats around the world have been gradually destroyed with devastating consequences. Local people who depend upon the flora and fauna have been left marginalised, species are disappearing, there is poor water retention and local and global climatic conditions are changing for the worse because of the destruction of large areas of forests. Read more “Eco-Restoration: A critical and urgent need”