The Big Give Campaign – A BIG Thank You!

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in the Big Give Green Match Fund and helped us raise £16,990 for further habitat restoration and development of community renewable energy projects in India! It was great to be part of the week-long fundraise campaign with Big Give and to be fundraising alongside other important green-minded projects. There is much to do!

India is ranked as the 7th country most vulnerable to climate change and its future effects, scoring 16.67 on the Climate Risk Index (2019). In 2019, India had the highest fatalities as well as the highest financial losses adjusted for Purchase Power Parity while as a developing country. India’s electricity consumption has increased 459% since 1990, and emissions have increased by 335% as India remains a fossil fuel power based country where at least 70% of the electricity still comes from coal power plants – emitting high levels of CO2 and creating high levels of air and water pollution that cause long term health issues for locals.

The Converging World believes that global problems need global solutions. Investing in renewable energy in India captures the growing need for clean energy and an even bigger impact on carbon avoidance. Our investment in 4.2MW wind turbines deliver c8,000 tonnes carbon avoidance impact per annum – 4 times that in the UK. The profits from sale of clean energy to local communities and businesses are then used to support programs for community empowerment, habitat restoration and providing employment opportunities for women.

Donations received from the Green Match Fund will help us enhance our climate action through our core charitable objectives of access to sustainable and affordable energy, ecological restoration and poverty alleviation. We plan on working closely with our partners – Pitchandikulam Forest – to deliver holistic sustainable development projects for climate vulnerable communities in South India.

Stay tuned for updates on our activities and progress!