We have chosen to focus on reforestation as our campaign because of the:

• Vital role trees play in cooling our climate both locally and globally

• Role that reforestation can play in community empowerment

• To encourage biodiversity

Our Partners

200 years ago, Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest (TDEF) stretched for 1000km down the Coromandel coast on India’s eastern seaboard, running through the Kaliveli  watershed; a unique 750 sq km rain-fed catchment. This biome provided an environment that allowed life to flourish, with records showing that  even elephants once roamed here. However by 1968 when the Auroville International Township was founded less than .01% of that forest remained. Over the next 50 years due to the hard work of the Auroville foresters the 20 sq km  plateau has now a complex ecosystem  supporting a rich diversity of flora and fauna. Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Center,one of the Auroville Forest communities has extended  the forest restoration into the Kaluveli bio region since 1973.

They have worked to empower local women within their communities by enabling them to create sustainable livelihoods from forest products. Over the last few  years  TCW has supported  this work of forestation, womens empowerment and environmental education at their Nadakuppam site ..