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1-What is reforestation?

Reforestation is the action of planting seeds and saplings in areas that for a magnitude of reasons have become deforested. Why? Because trees are vital for biodiversity, climate control, water availability and most critically they provide the very air that we breath!

2-What is the need for reforestation?

Reforestation in the tropics is one of the most effective ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This is not an excuse to carry on ‘business as usual’ however, it is something we can do now whilst we also change our behaviour and figure out how to reduce our carbon footprint, as we know, it isn’t always easy.

There are numerous additional benefits to reforestation such as: Stopping and reversing the loss in biodiversity, providing resilience to extreme weather events for wildlife and communities, improving water storage and retention thereby providing a safe supply of water to local communities while also providing sustainable livelihoods for some of the world’s poorest, and trees are beautiful.


3-What should the fundraising target be?

There is no overall target for ‘The Forest the Size of Anywhere’, we just want as many forests to be restored as possible!

Your target is up to you and will depend on what is the size of you, who are you doing this for and what size fits, ‘Tree Peeps’, ‘Forest Cover my Area’ or ‘Absorb My CO2’. We will be launching an enablers pack soon to make ‘The Forest the Size of Anywhere’ more personal to you! In the meantime, here are some basic averages that we use:

Forest Cover Your Area’: Allow 1 tree for every 10 square meters. 1 tree will cost £3.27

‘Tree Peeps’: Gift a tree this Christmas. 1 tree for 1 person will cost £3.27

‘Absorb My CO2: The average carbon footprint of an individual in the UK is 7.5 tonnes of CO2.

To remove this much CO2 would require 7 trees to be planted in the tropics. This will cost £22.06, less than the cost of a coffee a month.

4-What does each donor receive and how much communication with the donors will there be?

We encourage all donors to subscribe to our social media channels in order to receive our updates on what is happening on the ground.

If you are donating as a gift, please email  with the name you would like on the gift certificate and whether you have donated to ‘Tree Peeps’, ‘Forest Cover my Area’ or ‘Absorb My CO2’ and one of our team will arrange for a gift certificate to be emailed to you.

5-What happens if we raise more than expected?

If your campaign raises more than your target, our partners have the capacity to receive substantial donations and spend them wisely on reforestation projects. However, if we raise more than they have capacity to spend we are in touch with at least 8 other projects through our networks and will keep you all informed.

6-How can I or my community or my business calculate the amount of forest needed to offset our carbon emissions?

Please see ‘What should the fundraising target be?’

7-How long will it take for our carbon footprint to be balanced by a ‘Forest the Size of Anywhere’?

We estimate that every tree planted will absorb over 1 tonne of CO2 over its 100-year lifetime, with the majority of this taking place within the first 20-50 years of growth.

Sound slow? Reforestation is one of the simplest and affordable ways to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, other climate conscious choices you may decide to make, although also incredibly important, will avoid further CO2 production. Planting trees is a real, tangible option to take action to begin to absorb some of the carbon you have already produced.


8-What if i want to absorb all my CO2 in one year?

It is very difficult to get scientific evidence that will support a definitive answer on this. However, we do know that soil and forest restoration does absorb CO2. Taking our averages above we needed to absorb 7.5tonnes of CO2 in one year, we estimate that 676 trees would need to be planted.

9-What kind of businesses, organisations, and communities can raise funds to plant their size forest?

Every kind. There is no group too large or too small to take part. ‘The Forest the Size of Anywhere’ is designed specifically so anyone and everyone can take part.

10-Can I still donate as an individual?

Yes! You can still make your own donation, to- ‘Tree Peeps’, ‘Forest Cover My Area’ or ‘Absorb My CO2’.

However, the more people in your organisation or community you can encourage to donate all the better!

11-I have already donated, what other steps can I take to reduce my carbon footprint?

Reforestation is a very important, cost-effective, and a great way to reduce your climate impact however donating to reforestation is not an excuse to carry on with ‘business as usual’. There are many easy steps that you can take to reduce your climate impact, some of which can be found here.

12-How do your partners ensure the protection of an area once reforestation gets underway?

The Converging World chooses to work with partners based on their reputation and their project impact. In order to ensure a project’s success, it is vital that the local community is engaged and involved in the process to ensure the protection of the land once the project is completed. All of our project partners  have different methods of this, for example Pitchandikulam Bio Resource Centre uses the restoration work to support local livelihoods which protects the forest through a process called social fencing.

13-How do you consult local people in India?

This varies depending on our planting partner, please see our partner page for more information.

14-How is the data of donors protected?

If you are concerned with data protection please refer to our Privacy Statement and T+C’s.

We do not share personal data with our partners.

15-How do we contact you if we come up against problems?

You can contact us by phone, email, and post:

+44 (0)7943 021927


The Converging World, c/o Everoze, 5th Floor, 30 Queen Charlotte St, Bristol BS1 4HJ, UK