Whether you are an individual, a school, a street, or a business, you can plant the Size of You!

The size of your home, workplace, street, or school; for your family, friends, colleagues, or yourself; or, simply for the sheer love of trees!

Plant Your Forest Today!

1. Forest Cover My Area

2. Tree Peeps

3. Absorb My CO2

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Forest Cover My Area

Forest Cover My Area

You can plant the aerial footprint of your school, office, street or even city.

For example;

In the UK the average house has an aerial footprint of 90 square meters.

To Forest Cover This Area would take 10 trees.

Work out your forest cover and donate

Tree Peeps


We can plant a tree for every member of our family or every employee, the population of our street or every pupil in our school.

Ari and Will are leading the way by encouraging the University West of England to plant a tree for each of its 30,732 students.

Gift a tree to yourself or someone else
Tree Peeps
Absorb My CO2

Absorb My CO2


From your business, your household or just your own.

For example;

Our CEO has estimated her carbon footprint to be 6 tonnes of  COper year, (we have asked her to check it and make a resolution to change her lifestyle!)

She needs to plant 6 trees.

Okay let's do it!

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