Trustees and Executives

We are led by a highly skilled and experienced Board of Trustees. They are responsible for governing and influencing the strategic direction of our work.

John Pontin OBE   (Co Founder)

John Pontin OBE (Co Founder)

I helped set up The Converging World. The whole idea inspired me to invest in our first wind farm in India. My background is in business, and like increasing numbers of business people, I want my money to do more than just sit in a bank account. I want it to do some good.

Ian Rodrick (Co Founder)

Ian is the director of The Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems, an independent think tank promoting the ideas of E. F. Schumacher, author of Small is Beautiful. He started his career at the Building Research Establishment before heading up strategic forecasting for Rank Xerox. He co-founded a software development company, Quantec plc, and ever since this was sold he has pursued interests in systems thinking, environment, and social justice. He was President of the UK Systems Society from 2005-2008. He is on the boards of Low Carbon South West CIC, the UK Systems Society, and Initiative Homes Ltd. He is also a co-author with John Pontin of the Schumacher Briefing “Converging World.”

Ian Rodrick               (Co Founder)

Wendy Stephenson (Group CEO)

Wendy Stephenson (CEO) is a renewable energy engineer with 15 years experience in the environment and climate change sector. Wendy worked overseas for more than 5 years in oil & gas before returning to the UK as head of Environmental Affairs for EEF based in Westminster. She is former Chair of the manufacturers’ climate change group and was on the executive board of the European Steel Federation. She has also worked with community groups and local authorities to support them in tackling climate change, is the author of the West Somerset Climate Change Strategy, and co-author of the carbon neutral strategy for Exmoor National Park.

Wendy Stephenson (Group CEO)